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Le Bourhis

Momentum for Improvement

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Over 20 years’ experience in $10bn-plus companies in the automotive, energy and rail manufacturing industry, I have been constantly tackling process improvements and corrective action plans, driving managers into operational excellence, developing continuous improvement mindset.

Having navigated multiple positions within the same companies which were constantly adapting their complex organizations, I proved my ability to rapidly perform diagnostics of organizations, evaluate process efficiency and team competencies, and assess key issues and risks.

Working with multicultural teams over multi-country scopes, I developed strong interpersonal skills and leadership, coaching, developing people, and being able to deliver results while managing by influence.

Over the past years, I have leveraged all this expertise into a consulting activity with the wave momentum, co-creating added value solutions with the client, as a business partner or team member, on short, sequenced projects, with pragmatism, efficiency…and success!

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