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Financing the growth

Extending the cash runway 

For international entrepreneurs, wave specializes in scouting and activating various financing solutions — Grants, Zero-Interest Loans, and Subsidy Loans, available at a local, regional, and Federal level. In France, wave is a trusted affiliated BPI partner, and has access to European financing programs.

Assistance with fundraising

- Investor Pitch Development: Crafting compelling pitch decks that communicate your company’s business model, market opportunity, competitive advantage, and financial projections. Our focus is on clarity, conciseness, and impact, ensuring that the pitch resonates with potential investors.


- Financial Modelling and Valuation Analysis: We assist companies in developing robust financial models and valuation analysis that withstand investor scrutiny. This includes scenario analysis, cash flow projections, and valuation multiples, ensuring that your company is well-prepared for discussions about company valuation.


- Galileo Global Services, is our licensed partner for Investor Targeting and Outreach of curated investors who are not just financial backers, but also strategic partners who can propel your company toward accelerated growth and market leadership.

We ensure that all capital-raising activities comply with regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind and credibility to our clients and their potential investors.

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